WELIS offers a state of the art regression testing tool to ensure that insurance and annuity values produced by the calculation engines do not change accidentally as maintenance is performed. The regression tool can also compare presentation output to benchmark values in order to maintain the integrity of text and presentation formats.


Regression can test numeric output against benchmarked values, text output, or both. If values have changed, a red "X" will appear in the appropriate column on the left (either in the "Numbers" column, the "Text" column, or both).

If a red "X" appears, changes can be seen by clicking the "View Output" button on the Regression toolbar. Output pages will appear on a split screen, with the benchmark values on the left and the new values on the right. Differences highlighted in yellow.

To view the particulars of a case stored in Regression, click the "View Input" button on the toolbar. Regression will call the Ascent User Interface, and the case will appear loaded into the illustration system. The case can then be run or modified as usual. Case files can also be imported and exported as standard XML files. Benchmarked values run by other illustration systems can be imported with our regression tool as well, saving the time and cost of duplicate case analysis.

Individual cases that share certain input or output similarities can be identified by applying a filter to the database. Filters can be single criteria or any combination of input or output criteria. When the filter is applied to a list of cases in a database, only those cases that meet the filter's criteria will appear to the user. These cases can then be selected and run, saving time and effort in the process.

Regression tracks the name of the last user to change the inputs of a case. Users can also apply a descriptive tag to each case. Benchmarked values can include annual or monthly values, fiscal quotes, separate fund "bucket" values, or non-ledger values such as SERP or Deferral. Regression databases can hold hundreds or thousands of stored cases - there are no limits to this testing tool.