Ascent is a full-featured illustration software package that integrates speed, power, and flexibility to accommodate all of your marketing requirements. Ascent gives users the ability to run proposals that range from single life Ledger plans to complex non-Ledger plans involving hundreds or thousands of lives. Once these proposals become actual sales, Ascent offers unparalleled inforce reprojection capability to help service the case.

Ascent was designed to help insurers sell and service their customers in a multi-channel distribution environment. The software is constructed as a standard single life illustration system that can be transformed into a sophisticated multiple life / multiple plan system with a single button click. This allows a single platform to be utilized by multiple distribution channels ranging from those that require only a basic ledger to those with sophisticated multiple life COLI needs.

The industry's most powerful software solution was developed using a multiple tiered architecture consisting of Data Entry, Data Access, Calculation and Output tiers.

The Data Entry tier can take on any number of formats - Input Form based, Wizard based, Web Browser based, Winflex, etc. or any scheme that can generate XML. WELIS provides all these via data driven front ends.

The Data Access tier can utilize any database that can be accessed via Microsoft's MDAC protocols and also supports XML and flat files.

The Calculation tier combines the illustration concepts and the product engines to calculate all the numeric output. All Advanced Design Concepts are provided on a single and multiple life basis: Split Dollar, Deferred Compensation, Death Benefit, SERP, 162 Bonus, 7872 Demand Loan, Group Term Carve Out, Estate Planning, Term vs. Permanent Insurance, etc. The product engines are fully transaction based enabling them to provide a one-calculation source for policy values across the enterprise: from product design and pricing to new business illustrations, policy administration and inforce reprojections. Policy values are provided on a policy year, policy month, and/or a fiscal period basis.

The Output tier can produce illustration and sophisticated presentation output in a number of possible formats, including grid, print preview, print, PDF, RTF, Excel, Text, XML and ASCII delimited files. Because we utilize the newest technologies available, output no longer has to be restricted by the limitations of less powerful illustration systems.

Our System is constructed using the latest Microsoft technology and employs industry standards and protocols to integrate with existing insurer systems. Our clients do not have to worry about their illustration systems becoming outdated technology. We strive to be on the forefront of the latest technologies, and we were an early adopter of Microsoft's .NET software development tools.

Included in the system is a sophisticated set of authoring tools and utilities to enable the insurer to build rate files, construct input screens, and create presentation output. In addition, a sophisticated regression tool allows the insurer to test and compare numeric calculations, output generation and system messages.

Our system not only produces new business illustrations and inforce reprojections, but can also be integrated with online application entry, underwriting and customer service queries and requests.

The Calculation Tier can also be utilized to calculate policy values for product design, pricing systems, as well as policy administration systems, affording a single Enterprise wide product calculation subsystem. The software can be deployed as a PC Standalone system, a Client/Server system or as an Internet/Intranet system.

Ascent Desktop