Ascent offers the user the ability to seamlessly transition from illustrating life insurance to illustrating annuities, and back again. If needed, the user can also show life insurance and annuities in the same illustration, for use in a Life-To-Annuity or other presentation.

Ascent annuity capabilities include:

  • Variable Annuities or General Account products
  • Single premium or flexible premium annuities
  • Immediate or Deferred products
  • Historical or prospective illustrations
  • Historical illustrations track each fund's account performance in separate buckets (prospective illustrations can do this as well)
  • The ability to properly illustrate the Fixed Account within a variable annuity product, including guaranteed minimum and current maximum interest rates for the Fixed Account bucket
  • Historical illustrations use actual daily share values for each elected fund to track account performance.
  • Dollar Cost Averaging on a semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly basis
  • Periodic fund Rebalancing, or special one-time Rebalancing, or any combination of the two
  • Multiple Death Benefit Options
  • Living Benefits and other riders
  • Settlement Options including Life, Life with a certain period, Joint Life, etc.
  • No limits on the number of funds that can be illustrated
  • Periodic withdrawals, including multiple withdrawals per year
  • Output options include reports on all funds together or on each fund separately, including charts and graphs for individual fund performance
  • No limits on the number of funds that can be illustrated

Ascent offers the ability to illustrate life insurance and annuities within the same system, allowing you to consolidate your resources, reduce training expenses, and cut back on distribution expenses.

Fund Performance Summaries

Individual Fund Report

Account Value vs Investment