Why should you choose WELIS to be your point-of-sale software provider? Here are a few good reasons:

  • The principals of WELIS have over 100 combined years of experience in the life insurance industry. Past responsibilities include marketing, field sales, actuarial, and information technology support for major life insurance carriers.
  • Ascent was written from the ground up using the most modern technologies. Our company philosophy is to be aggressive in staying current as newer updates become available, and we have done so by making extensive use of the capabilities of Microsoft's .NET platform, among others. With WELIS, you will not have to worry about your systems becoming obsolete.
  • Ascent was designed with the power and flexibility to support all life insurance and annuity products, for all markets. Ascent is the "one system" that you've been looking for.
  • Save significant amounts of money by doing away with pre-printed, generic glossy marketing materials. Attractive, customized customer-facing presentations are authored using the WELIS Page Designer.
  • Automatic policy form filling will populate your forms and applications with data written straight from Ascent, saving time and reducing human error.
  • Straight Through Processing is supported through use of web services and ACORD compliant XML extracts. With a single click, users can produce and transmit the "as-sold" illustration, pre-populated application and ACORD 103 transaction for downstream processing. A variety of electronic signature options are available.
  • Illustration logging can be performed both on the web and on the desktop versions of Ascent. This allows you to instantly gather information on current market and company trends by examining the types of illustrations that are being run.
  • Ascent offers seamless inforce reprojection capabilities for both single and multiple life cases, allowing the user to retrieve live policy data and produce a new illustration with a few button clicks.
  • Inforce solves may be incorporated into Annual Statements to answer frequently asked questions such as:
    • How does my policy currently look versus when it was sold?
    • How long must I pay my original premium in order to achieve my goals?
    • How much more/less must I pay to achieve my goals within the original timeframe?
    Proactively addressing these issues will lead to improved retention and customer satisfaction.
  • Ascent offers seamless transitions from single life illustrations to multiple life with a single button click. All of the features that are available for single life illustrations are also available for multiple life illustrations by using our Census Manager, and a typical 100 life illustration runs in under two seconds. Input fields in the Census Manager can be linked to Excel for ease of manipulation, or you can cut and paste data from any spreadsheet into Census Manager.
  • Cases that are run on Ascent Web can also be saved on the web, or they can be saved to the desktop machine. Web cases will run on the desktop, and desktop cases will run on the web, without any modifications or extra effort on the user's part. There is no learning curve when users switch from one platform to another.
  • Desktop installations may be kept current via the Automatic Update feature. Upon system startup, background web services check for updates and download/refresh system files. Hosting services may be provided by WELIS or by the client.
  • The "Build-Once-Use-Everywhere" strategy of WELIS allows the same calculation engine to be used for multiple purposes, including both New Business and Inforce reprojections, both in the desktop version of Ascent and in Ascent Web. Ascent Web also uses the same output and user interface screen definitions that the desktop version uses, simplifying maintenance and deployment.

For more information on what WELIS has to offer, please contact us.