Ascent is a full-featured illustration software package that integrates speed, power, and flexibility to accommodate all of your marketing requirements. Ascent gives users the ability to run proposals that range from single life Ledger plans to complex non-Ledger plans involving hundreds or thousands of lives. Once these proposals become actual sales, Ascent offers unparalleled inforce reprojection capability to help service the case.

Ascent Web

Ascent Web is the Internet version of Ascent, consisting of an ASP.NET application along with several XML Web Services. Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers are supported. Ascent Web was built with a "Build-Once-Use-Everywhere" strategy. It calls the same calculation engines and uses the same User Interface and Output definitions as the desktop version of Ascent. Because of this, Ascent Web is as powerful and flexible as the desktop system, with an almost identical look and feel. Code and data sharing between the web and desktop versions of Ascent also result in simplified maintenance and deployment.

Mobile Devices

Support for mobile devices is achieved by accessing the web system through a supported browser. iPad, Android and Windows tablets are fully supported and provide a user experience identical to the standard Desktop and Web platforms; no retraining is required.