Page Designer

The WELIS Page Designer, an object-oriented tool, creates presentation quality illustration output. The pages that can be created range from standard numeric columns to text to full color charts, graphs, and images to any combination of these!

Page Designer creates presentation pages that previously could only be constructed using a page definition program or an external wrapping system. The completed presentation is entirely integrated within the base illustration system and does not require any external programs. The output can be exported into any number of data formats including XML, PDF, and text.

Page Designer

In addition, any of the output data can be linked to Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint or any OLE compatible program, providing the insurance carrier with any number of presentation possibilities.

Page Designer was built with a visual interface so that programming expertise is not required to build attractive and powerful presentations. Building a presentation with WELIS tools is very much like putting a report together using Microsoft Word or Access. WELIS tools enable both Visibility Criteria and Policy Data tags to be embedded in the reports, giving the user unlimited flexibility and control over the appearance of the report.
The Page Designer can also be integrated in to the illustration system allowing users to create their own pages. The functionality can be restricted by distribution channel, user or any other criteria.

User designed pages can be marked as non-compliant and if desired any illustration containing a user defined page can also be marked non-compliant.

Values can be generated on an annual, monthly, or fiscal year basis. Values can also be produced either in a grid (unformatted) or in a Print-Preview (formatted) style.